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Archerman Capital

Previously known as Ab Initio Capital (ABI), rebranded in 2023.



Archerman Capital™ is a global growth equity investor that invests across multiple stages in TMT and deep tech. The firm is headquartered in Boston and has offices in Hong Kong and Bangalore. We back world-class entrepreneurs and fund managers.

The firm was founded in 2018 by Harry Archerman, a Harvard PhD graduate in Applied Physics, and managed by a team of investment professionals with global capital market experience who share the same investment philosophies. It was previously known as Ab Initio Capital (ABI) and is rebranded as Archerman Capital in 2023 to reflect a new chapter of the firm. Ab Initio is the Latin word for first principles and is also the driving force of our long-term success. By applying first principles thinking in the global economy and human civilization, we have been relentlessly pursuing the deepest possible understanding of how the economy works and how human beings work, which turned into great investments. 

​We are as practical as idealistic, as bold as thoughtful, and as wise as smart. Be with us and change the world. 

Portfolio Funds

Portfolio Funds

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Portfolio Companies

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